Foxboro P0913LN-ON/P0913LPD/P0913QT-OA Global delivery quality assurance
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Foxboro P0913LN-ON/P0913LPD/P0913QT-OA Global delivery quality assurance

Item NO.:P0913LN-ON/P0913LPD/P0913QT-OA
Lead Time:1-2days

Product Orgin:Japan

Payment:T/T 、Western Union

Warranty : one year

Shipping Detail: Fedex and UPS etc
  • P0913LN-ON/P0913LPD/P0913QT-OA
  • Foxboro

Foxboro P0913LN-ON/P0913LPD/P0913QT-OA Global delivery quality assurance

with our combination of low prices and fast supply capabilities, clients globally have come to trust and rely on Cambia  for all their automation supply requirements.

Specialising in the supply of machinery parts and automation components to clients globally for over 15 years  Cambia has become a leading supplier of machine and control parts by providing quality parts and equipment at the right price and right time. Many parts are stocked and available with very short lead times to ensure your parts are available when you need them.

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【Our Main Business ✪✪✪✪✪

distributed control system (DCS)

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

remote input / output module (RTU)

Industrial PC (IPC)

industrial low-frequency screen

low-capacity hard drives for industrial use SCSI (50,68,80Pin)

AnyBus (Gateway)

human-machine interface

industrial control related ancillary products


DCS Distributed Control System:

FOXBORO: I / A Series System: FBM (Field Input / Output Module) Sequence Control, Ladder Logic Control, Incident Recall Processing, D / A Conversion, I / O Signal Processing, Data Communication and Processing.

TRICONEX: Redundant Fault-Tolerant Control System, the most modern fault-tolerant controller based on Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) architecture.

Westinghouse (Westinghouse): system, WDPF system spare parts.

Siemens: MOORE system spare parts.

Honeywell: TDC Series, QCS Series, S9000 Series Spare Parts.

ABB: ADVANT OCS, MOD30, MO300, Bailey INFI90, Master view 850, AC460, S100, S800 system spare parts.

MOTOROLA (MOTOROLA): MVME147 / 162/166/167/172/177/187 Spare Parts.

XYCOM: VME series bus board, programmable human-machine interface.

PLC programmable controller:

Allen-Bradley (Rockwell): 1756/1771/1785 series, Reliance Ryan.

Schneider: Modicon Quantum 140 processor, I / O modules, power modules, and more.

Siemens: S5 / S7 Series 200, 300, 400; 6AV / 6GK Series spare parts.

Servo control system:

FANUC (Fanuc): servo amplifier A06B, drive A06B, input and output modules A02B / A03B, PCB A16B / A20B.

Siemens: 6SN / 6FC / 6FX series, offering sales of CNC systems (810, 802D SL, 810D, 840D) and spare parts.

Yaskawa (Yaskawa): servo controller, servo motor, servo drive.

ABB Robots, FANUC Robots, YASKAWA Robots, KUKA Robots, Mitsubishi Robots, OTC Robots, Panasonic Robots, MOTOMA

We major in many brands as below, Allen-Bradley, Bently Nevada, ABB, Honeywell, ICS TRIPLEX, Yokogawa, Foxboro, Bailey, Triconex, GE Fanuc, etc.
Looking forward to cooperate with you.

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