Christmas is coming! There is a discount for cambiaplc module!!
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Christmas is coming! There is a discount for cambiaplc module!!

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Christmas is coming! There is a discount for cambiaplc module!!

The annual Christmas is coming!!!

Welcome Christmas, Cambia Mall PLC Promotion~~

In Stock!!   In Stock!!

Triconex Woodward Honeywell Yokogawa SCHNEIDER OVATION
3006 5453-203 10001/R/1 PW702 S1 140DAI74000 5X00226G02
3008 5453-754 10002/1/2 SSB401-13 140ACI03000 3A99266G01
3481 S2 5453-759 10004/1/1 STB4D-00 140DDO35300 1C31222G01
3503E 5464-648 10004/H/F AIP521 S1 140XBP01600 1C31150G01
3504E 5466-1000 10005/0/3 AMM32T S2 140AVI03000 1C31194G03
3505E 5466-1035 10005/1/1 AMM42 S4 140CHS11000 1C31192G01
3511 5466-253 10006/2/1 AMM42T S2 140AVO02000 5X00109G01
3515 5466-258 10008/2/U AMM52 S4 140CPS12420 1P00028G01
3564 5466-318 10012/1/2 AMM52T S2 140DDI35300 1C31194G01
3601TN 5466-352 10018/2/U CP701 S1 140CPS11100 1C31234G01
3604E 5466-411 10018/E/1 PFCS-S5120 S1 140CRP93200 1C31116G04
3623 5501-214 10018/O/1 PRK71 S1 140CPS11420 1B30035H01
3625 5501-365 10020/1/2 S9971DB-0 140CPU11303 1C31204G01
3625C1 5501-367 10024/F/F AIP601 140CRA93100 1C31147G01
3636R 5501-470 10024/H/F AAI543-H61 140CRP93100 1C31203G01
3636T 5501-471 10024/I/I ASI533-S00 S1 140DDI84100 5X00062G01
3664 5503-198 10100/2/1 AAI143-H00 140DAI55300 1C31227G01
3674 8200-188 10101/1/1 AMM32T 140CPU67160 1C31125G02
3700A 8200-226 10101/2/1 AAI543-H00 S1 140XTS00200 5X00070G04
3704E 8273-140 10102/2/1 ADM12C 140XBP01000 1X00781H01L
3708E 8400-016 10105/2/1 ADM11C 140DAO84000 5X00357G05
3721 8405-009 10106/2/1 ADM52-2 S4 140CRA93200 5X00481G01
3805E 8405-809 10201/2/1 ALR121-S01 140ACI04000 1C31223G01
4000056-002 8440-1831 10208/2/1 AAR181-S00 S2 140NOE77101 5X00109G02
4119A 9905-068 10216/2/1 ALF111-S01 140DDI35310 1C31219G01
4210 9905-387 10300/1/1 AAI143-H03 BMXFTB2010 1C31233G04


We major in many brands as below, Allen-Bradley, Bently Nevada, ABB, Honeywell, ICS TRIPLEX, Yokogawa, Foxboro, Bailey, Triconex, GE Fanuc, etc.
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