CC-TAID11 Factory Sealed! New stock Honeywell
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CC-TAID11 Factory Sealed! New stock Honeywell


Item NO. CC-TAID11

Payment:T/T 、Western Union

Warranty : one year

Shipping Detail: Fedex and UPS etc

  • CC-TAID11
  • Honeywell

Having a well-stocked spare

parts inventory, sourced

througha trustworthy supplier,


CC-TAID11 Factory Sealed! New stock Honeywell 

ʚSomething you may care about!ʚ

                                   Manager : Trixie Tin

Payment Term : T/T

Warranty: 12 month

We supply: New+original+factory sealed+high quality

Service: quotation will be sent in 9 hours

whatsapp + mobile  =  24 hours /day +86 135 9950 7613

Package: Original packing with cartons. Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment

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6.Good packing ensures safe transportation and save your shipping cost utmostly


8C-PAIMA1 51454473-175 51195479-200 51304386-150
CC-PDIL01 51405040-175 51305380-100 51304525-100
CC-PAIM01 51405045-175 51196694-300 TP-DIKBTA-100 51304487-100
8C-PAOHA1 51454469-275 9395-00381-013 51309276-150
8C-PAIHA1 51454470-275 51403165-400 80363969-150 MC-PAOY22
CC-PDOB01 51405043-175 51400764-100 51309152-175
MC-PAIH03 51304754-150 51401473-100 51304493-100
FC-TSAI-1620M 51402573-150 51402497-200
FS-16DI-RL MC-TAIH02 51304453-150 FC-SDO-1624
10201/2/1 MC-TAIL02 51304437-150 10101/2/1
FC-SDI-1624 MC-TAMR03 51309218-175 G0A13020044
FC-SDO-0824 MC-TAOY22 51204172-175 900A01-0001
10024/H/F MC-TAMT03 51309223-175 900B01-0001
51121227-101 TC-IAH16I 900H02-0001
51403299-100 51304362-350 MC-PSIM11 CC-PFB801
51403299-200 51304481-100 8C-PAIHA1
MC-TDODI3 51304650-150 51304485-100 8C-PDILA1
TC-IXR061 80363972-150 TC-PRS021
TC-ODD321 80363975-150 MC-PDOY22 TC-IAH161


Triconex Yokogawa Allen Bradley
3625 AIP571/S1 1747-L531
3700A AIP571/S2 1747-L541
4329 AIP171/S2 1785-KA
3008 PW502/S1 2711-T10C15
4119A YNT512D-Q12 2711-T10C20
3636T AAM11-S2 1756-CNBR
3805E AMM32-S3 1757-SRM
4351A AMM42-S4 2711-NC13
DO3401 ADM11-S3 TEI14949
DI3301 SSB401-13 1746-NI4
CM3201 SB401-10 1756-BA2
7400207-001 AAI143-S00 1746-OBP16
7400208B-020 AAI543-S00 1771-IMD/B
7400209B-030 ADV159-P00 1771-OBD/C
7400208C-020 PW482-10 1771-P6R C
7400209-030 ADM52C ADM52C/CE1 S2 1771-P6S B
8306A DP97-B 1785-BCM/C
3625C1 RS81-B 1785-L20B

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